SME Muzzle Device “Odd but Not Deafening” – Pat RMG

Pat RMG a 2A advocate who loves shooting and makes plenty of review videos did a video going over the Witt Machine SME.

First you have the 3 chamber muzzle brake that tightens down like any other muzzle device.

When you put the shroud on it fits nice and tight which gives you 3 blast chambers but if you notice the venting in between it’s not a “silencer”

First Shot.

“That actually is still loud but my ears did not bottom out. I got a slight ring in my left ear but like I said I have fired on accident a full powered round with no ears and this is nowhere near that bad.”

“This is pretty cool”

“I have suppressors and i hunt suppressed but what this just showed me is that you can avoid the tax stamp and go with the SME.”

“For reference I can hear the highway which is a couple miles away so I don’t have threshold hearing.”