Clamp on Muzzle Brake Installation Instructions

Clamp on Muzzle Brake Installation Instructions

These instructions are for our MB1 Clamp-On brake Only

Step 1:
Be sure the rifle is unloaded.

Step 2:
Clean the end of your rifle barrel to remove any oil or grease. Brake Cleaner works really well, just don’t use anything with oil in it.

Step 3:
Look through the muzzle brake to make sure there is nothing in there that shouldn’t be. If your brake has been coated with Cerakote please avoid using any solvents on it for a few days. The Cerakote requires 5 days to fully cure..

Step 4:
Put 8-10 drops of Blue Locktite on the rifle barrel where the brake will fit. Spread the locktite around the barrel to get an even coat. The loctite is used as a “lubricant” for installation that will dry completely. After complete installation let this dry for at least 30 minutes before firing. If you decide to remove the brake in the future any cleaning solvent will remove the locktite residue.

Step 5:
Place the muzzle brake over the barrel on your rifle. Depending on how well our measurements line up with yours the brake may be a bit tight. If this is the case loosen the top and bottom screw in the brake until there are just a few threads engaged. Then take the middle screw and start threading it in from the opposite side. Place a dime or other flat object in the slot the screws pass through for the middle screw to push against. This will force the brake open just slightly so that in may be slid all the way onto the rifle barrel. To verify that it’s all the way down look into the slot that the screws go through. These brakes are supposed to be very tight once mounted. Once the brake is seated remove the dime and middle screw and re-install the middle screw correctly.

Step 6:
Place a drop of blue locktite on each screw, insert them and begin to tighten. Run them all down until you begin to feel that they are clamping. At this point take care to tighten the screws as evenly as possible. We recommend a half turn or less each before moving on the next one. Repeat this process until the screws are tight. The recommended torque is no more than 14-15 inch lbs. Should you happen to break or strip a screw they are 6-32 socket head cap screws 1/2″ long. These should be available at any hardware store.


That’s it. Your new brake is installed and ready to use.