Clamp-On Brakes

Will a clamp-on fit your gun?

Our clamp-on Muzzle Brakes are precision machined to YOUR exact barrel specs. Tapered, Straight, or Stepped, we machine brakes for them all. Because these brakes are custom cut to your dimensions we can hold tighter tolerances on both the bore and bullet exit hole to greatly reduce recoil and muzzle rise (minimum 60%).

No Threads No Problem!

Our clamp on muzzle brakes are cnc machined from 416 stainless steel and require no permanent modification to the original firearm. They can be installed using simple hand tools. No gunsmithing required. Shop All

We Run Extensive Testing.

During testing we found that the 5 port design makes the most efficient use of the available gasses exiting the barrel to substantially reduce recoil. There are 20 .078" holes drilled into the top of the brake that vent gas in order to stop muzzle rise. Shop All

We Keep It Clean.

The bottom of the brakes have no holes or ports to kick up dirt all over the shooter. Having the bottom of the brake angled outward also helps to reduce muzzle rise. Shop All

What Our Customers Say

Very impressed!

Very impressed with this bolt on brake. Put it on a T3 lite 300 win mag and shot 10 rounds. No signs of loosening or issues. I can actually enjoy shooting the rifle at the range now. Ethan

Great product and looks great!

REM 700 308win had just to much recoil than I’d like. Now it’s like shooting a 223. Great product and looks great James

Great folks to work with!

Got my MB1 last week and am very happy with it. They had it out to me in less than a week. Works as described, and the USA made quality is there. Great folks to work with. Keith

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