Muzzle Brake FAQ

Do you make a muzzle brake for a (fill in your rifle)?

The short answer is Most Likely Yes! – read on…..

We can make one of our clamp-on muzzle brakes for nearly any smooth, sightless barrel to diameters of just over one inch and for virtually any caliber. Just supply your caliber and barrel measurements as described on the Measuring Information page.

We also make brakes for threaded barrels in many imperial thread combinations and also several metric threads.

How well do your brakes work?

Our muzzle brakes provide approximately a 60% reduction in recoil and slightly more than that in muzzle rise reduction. This varies depending on caliber – more effective on larger calibers – the length of the barrel, the overall weight of the firearm and each shooters individual technique.

Will it damage my barrel?

If you apply the Locktite as described in the mounting instructions, that will protect the barrel and while we cannot guarantee this; it should not do any damage.

It is also important to get your measurements as accurate as possible; the few reports of scratches on a barrel that we have received, have been the result of inaccurate barrel measurements.

Will it make my gun louder/quieter?

Since a good portion of the blast is being directed out of the sides and top of the brake it will increase the apparent volume of the shot to the shooter and those around.

We estimate about a 20% perceived increase in volume.

Do you ship to (fill in your location)?

Most Likely Yes!

We ship to most anywhere that the United States Postal Service ships to – including Canada, Australia, France and Sweden.

What finish will match my barrel/What is Cerakote?

All of our brakes are milled out of stainless with the Cerakote coating being optional.

The tumbled finish on the uncoated brakes is a smooth, semi-matte stainless, similar to most stainless barrels.

The graphite black Cerakote finish matches well to most black or ‘blued’ barrels.

We also offer FDE (Flat Dark Earth) colored Cerakote finish.

How big/what do your brakes weigh?

Depending on the barrel diameter, our brakes range from 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Our Clamp-On brakes are ~3.5 inches long and will increase the barrel length by ~2 inches.

Depending on the diameter of your barrel the weight of our Clamp-On brakes range from 6 to 9 ounces.

Are your muzzle brakes legal in (fill in your locale)?

Knowledge of laws governing firearms in your area are your responsibility. We cannot advise you as to what is legal in your locale and cannot be responsible or offer refunds for items not allowed through customs etc..