General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Witt Machine & Tool Co. follows all Federal, State and Local guidelines when shipping firearms. Additionally, all NFA Rules apply regarding any class III items.

Witt Machine 100% Product Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: If you don’t like any of our products we buy it back, No Questions Asked. Limited to within 6 months and International orders.

***Due to a certain type of customer that feels the need to take advantage of our guarantee we are now forced to limit our 100% buy it back guarantee. I am sorry it has come to this, but I feel that any responsible customer would know if the product is compatible. We also have customers who change their mind or claim they have sold their gun requesting a refund before it goes out the door, or chose to have it threaded and this is not acceptable either. We will not be accepting cancellations on Custom items in production or due to the fact that you didn’t catch a sale.  Additionally, we have had several customers sell an item, remove the brake, and return it for a refund, or ask for a re-cut brake with totally new dimensions. This also is not acceptable behavior for an honest person. We’re a small shop, not Walmart. I apologize again that the bad apples have ruined something for everyone else. -Ken Wittekiend

Additionally, sometimes mistakes are made in measuring for the brakes that require measurements. We understand that all calipers and micrometers are not created equal. If this happens just let us know, we re-cut the brakes at no charge.  Any re-cuts beyond this point are at the customer’s cost and refunds will not be issued.

**If you have an upcoming event and you are pressed for time we do ask that you order in advance as we do occasionally have delays beyond our control.

We have recently had some issues with a few international orders. If you live outside the US the USPS tracking number system will not update from the time the package leaves US borders until it is delivered. In some instances your product(s) may be held at your countries customs department for some time, while unfortunate, we are not the USPS, your customs department, or any kind of customs broker. This has been an issue several times now that we are aware of, and it’s not good for either party, however, we are not responsible for any customs dept of any country.

There will be no refunds or credits on any order shipped outside the US as all sales are final. The tracking system of the USPS is inadequate to tell exactly where a package is once it leaves the US.

Terms and Conditions

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