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Make your rifle more fun to shoot!!!

Our Clamp on Muzzle Brakes are precision machined to YOUR exact barrel specs. Tapered, Straight, or Stepped, we machine brakes for them all.

Because these brakes are custom cut to Your dimensions we can hold tighter tolerances on both the bore and bullet exit hole to greatly reduce recoil and muzzle rise (minimum 60%).

Our clamp on muzzle brakes are cnc machined from 416 stainless steel and
require no permanent modification to the original firearm. They can be installed using simple hand tools. No gunsmithing required.

During testing we found that the 5 port design makes the most efficient use of the available gasses exiting the barrel to substantially reduce recoil. There are 20 .078″ holes drilled into the top of the brake that vent gas in order to stop muzzle rise. The bottom of the brakes have no holes or ports to kick up dirt all over the shooter. Having the bottom of the brake angled outward also helps to reduce muzzle rise. After months of testing and development the design of these brakes make them the most efficient clamp on muzzle brakes available today.

In case of measurement error we do re-cut the brakes at no charge*, however, please be as precise as possible in the measuring so we can continue this service for everyone. We ask for barrel measurements at the muzzle and 1 1/2″ from the muzzle in thousandths of an inch, to make sure your new brake fits right the first time.

Please see Measuring Information for details.

Our Muzzle Brakes are made to order!

*We do charge shipping for the replacement brake.

Our Muzzle Brakes are made to order!

You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information, as soon as your order is shipped.

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Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Smooth Stainless, Graphite Black Cerakote, FDE – Flat Dark Earth Cerakote

11 reviews for Custom Clamp-On Muzzle Brake

  1. Carl Roberts (verified owner)

    Everyone says the 6.5cm is a soft recoiler never shot a lightweight model. It kicks terribly just as any other power caliber. Watch any online video of a lightweight model as it jumps all over while the operator not knowing any better gives into the hype and believes it’s mild. As a result you cannot see the round landing and therefore unable to make effective corrections. This muzzle brake for unthreaded barrels, solves that problem. Might have picked up a few fps too as the round out of a shorter barrel travels like it’s coming out of a longer one. It’s a good brake. Makes a budget firearm look and function like a much costlier precision setup.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Sid Ewing (verified owner)

    This break is amazing and easy to install. My 300 win mag feels like a .243 or less. Not only the best price, but the best break I have ever used in terms of performance.

  3. Joseph Green (verified owner)

    great product. For me to get my barrel threaded i was looking at over $120. then a good muzzle break is about another $100 so I saved just going with this break. great quality and good custom fit. this product clamped on with no problem and worked without any problems.

  4. Mark Vatcher (verified owner)

    Just received my 3rd clamp-on muzzle brake.
    The machining quality is as good as it gets…fit and finish is excellent.
    No burrs, rough edges, or machine marks.
    Really a thing of beauty.
    This thing really works, muzzle rise is 50% or less, recoil is very noticeably reduced.
    No dirt kicked up when prone as no holes in bottom of device….smart engineering.
    Have installed on .223 bolt action(no muzzle rise at all, can keep eye on target).
    On a light 30-06, a joy to shoot now, even with max loads for elk.
    A 6.5 Creedmoor, again, muzzle rise was the objective, and recoil for the grand-kid.
    Yes, I’ll buy more as new rifles accumulate in the safe.

  5. Shawn snow (verified owner)

    Ordered one for my 30-6 and absolutely love it, it makes the gun much more enjoyable to shoot. I will be ordering at least one more in the near future.

  6. Ned Kanekoa (verified owner)

    Awesome brake. Tikka T3X 6.5 CM Lite stainless steel barrel. Mesa carbon stock. Muzzle brake greatly reduce the vertical rise so now I can actually see my bullet impact on my targets. Perfect!

  7. Ned Kanekoa (verified owner)

    Awesome brake. Tikka T3X 6.5 CM Lite stainless steel barrel. Mesa carbon stock. Muzzle brake greatly reduce the vertical rise so now I can actually see my bullet impact on my targets. Perfect!

  8. Timothy Claus (verified owner)

    The clamp on brake is installed on a .35 Whelen Hand-Rifle. Fit perfectly, instructions were spot on, and the recoil reduction is substantial. Might be even less than my .243 Winchester, instead of the big thump it previously had. Worth every cent, and far more. Made the rifle very enjoyable to shoot.

  9. Timothy Claus (verified owner)

    Ordered and installed one of these clamp on brakes on my 35 Whelen. That rascal has a pretty stout recoil, this muzzle break greatly reduced recoil. Now it is comparable to my 243 or 270. Even with a 200 gr bullet at over 2600 fps. Fit was on the money and install was a breeze.

  10. michael loomis (verified owner)

    Excellent muzzle brake drastically reduced recoil and completely eliminated muzzle rise worth every penny

  11. doncampbell5 (verified owner)

    Ordered & installed on my H & K USC. The entire installation went off without a hitch in about 10 minutes, which included the time it took me to take my gun out of the safe and return it.

    The new brake looks incredible, can’t wait to get it to the range.

    A few tips to make your installation as easy as mine.

    1. Measure your barrel diameter with a micrometer. Don’t fool around with calipers. My barrel measurement was .805 and the muzzle brake FIT PERFECTLY.

    2. Use a good degreaser and a paper towel to clean the barrel before (gun oil) and after (blue Loctite) installation.

    3. Use a torque wrench to ensure perfect tension on the machine screws.

    I’m already planning to get another one for my Beretta Cx4.

    Good luck and good shooting!

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