TS “Bang Saber” Civilian Legal “Flash Bang” Reusable (Distraction Device) 2.0


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“Bang Saber” Civilian Legal “Flash Bang” Reusable (Distraction Device) 2.0
Introducing the Tactical Shit “Bang Saber”, a civilian legal “flash bang” manufactured for Tactical Shit by Helius Engineering, for training,”distracting”,or just for fun. This works just as good as our original device, but now lighter, slimmer, version. Remember, ounces equal pounds, & pounds equal pain!

These USA made distraction devices are absolutely amazing! Simply load a 12ga or 9mm blank or 209 primer into the body, remove the pin, and toss.

Depending on the blank used, expect a bright flash, smoke, and approx 120-160db “bang” report once the device is tossed.

Did we mention these are reusable and sport the Tactical Shit Spartan Helmet? Yeah, flash bang out in style!!!


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