Kirgin Industries “Mouse Fart” 9mm Sub-Munition TUI 125gr 20rd Tin


This powerful subsonic round gives you exceptional accuracy and a tactical advantage in any situation. With its reduced recoil, this 125-grain bullet shows impressive ballistic performance ensuring precise performance in all situations. When you carry, you know your life may depend on accurate bullet placement, and Fort Scott Munitions has raised the bar with 9MM TUI Sub-Munitions Subsonic match grade self-defense ammo.

While this ammo was designed to be used in combination with a suppressor, you will find that Fort Scott Munitions has created a round that does not require a suppressor to still be highly effective. However, suppressing your firearm will dramatically reduce noise and recoil.

The outstanding accuracy and terminal performance of this ammunition makes it extremely suitable for law enforcement and security work as well as for civilian home protection and self-defense. The 100% solid copper construction ensures that the 9MM TUI Sub-Munitions Subsonic bullets hold strong and finish with maximum weight retention. Each 125-grain bullet is constructed using only the best components, making this the match grade ammo when consistent performance is crucial.

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  • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact design
  • Superior penetration
  • Non lead, SCS (solid copper spun) bullet

Fort Scott Munitions 9MM TUI Sub-Munition Subsonic ammo is match grade handgun ammunition that is designed to be exceptionally accurate. When used with a suppressor, our Sub-Munitions separates itself from the competition featuring increased reliability and a greatly reduced noise print. Engineered and patented to Tumble Upon Impact and create a dynamic wound cavity, our 9MM TUI Sub-Munition Subsonic ammunition offers advanced performance.


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