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Clamp On Muzzle Brake


I received my "State Compliant" AR15 with a plane barrel, no device, like a flash hider, etc. Tried a screw on device that is held on with four screws and was not what I wanted and I couldn't really use it with a flash hider anyway because it is unlawful. Tried a threading device and wound up screwing up the muzzle of my rifle AND the threads were not straight, so a threaded muzzle device was not true with the end of the barrel. Wanted a finished look to my expensive rifle and since the WITT Muzzle break is well made and fits TIGHT and also covered up the damage I did to my rifle I took the chance and followed the instructions and long story short the Muzzle break went on and is in perfect alignment with the bore and the rifle now looks and fires fine. The good part is that it is a legal device in my state and can if problems come up be removed and I can return the rifle to its original appearance. Measure twice and order this item you will not be disappointed.
Date Added: 06/09/2013 by John Scofield
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