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Clamp On Muzzle Brake


I've installed this on an FN FNAR .308. First of all, I'm a mechanical engineer and know what a quality machined part is. Excellent finish and attention to detail all around. The Ceracoat was applied well. The finish was a good match for the parkerizing on my barrel though. The muzzle break installed very easily. I did use loctite per instructions and I highly recommend you do so as well. The screws on the clamp do not stand out excessively and I think it looks pretty good overall. The weight isn't bad. I didn't weigh it before installing but a lot of material has been removed making for a reasonably light compensator.

I took it to the range to test it out. This was an indoor 35 yard range. I didn't think it made the gun much louder from my perspective, but I wasn't standing off to the side where it's supposed to be bad. The performance of the brake was excellent. The recoil felt similar to an AR 15 .223 round instead of a .308. Control was excellent. The target stayed in my scope at full zoom and I could accuratly place shots into the bullseye about 2 per second. Compensators should really be standard issue on all rifles. They significantly improve the fire rate of a semi automatic rifle.
Date Added: 08/27/2013 by Nathan Griffith
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