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SKS Clamp-On Muzzle Brake


I will begin with an obvious observation. This is a relatively expensive muzzle break for a relatively inexpensive rifle. I bought one anyway.

The Witt Muzzle Brake is a nicely machined piece and the anodizing is first rate. It's a very tight fit onto the barrel. In fact, I had to give the muzzle end of the brake a couple of taps with a rubber mallet to get it fully onto the barrel before inserting the 7 screws (5 lowers with heads, 2 uppers without). Believe me, after you've finished installing the Witt Muzzle Brake, it's extremely secure. The manufacturer's inclusion of a small tube of loctite and a couple of spare screws was a nice touch. The description of the Witt muzzle brake states that it is lightweight, and boy is it ever. It must add some weight to the muzzle end, but I could not detect any difference in the balance of the rifle after installing this muzzle brake.

I purchased a Witt Muzzle Brake primarily because of the claim that it resulted in a substantial reduction in muzzle rise thus allowing for faster follow up shots. Frankly, having no previous experience with a muzzle brake of any kind, I was a bit skeptical based on comments made by some fellow shooting enthusiasts about muzzle brakes in general. So, after it was installed, I decided to put that claim to the test as best I could.

For my test, I used the 1954 Russian SKS onto which I had installed the Witt Muzzle Brake and a 1951 Russian SKS having the same Archangel stock but no muzzle brake. Five quick rounds from the '51 Russian without the Witt Muzzle Brake were immediately followed by five quick rounds (same ammo, same shooting position) from the '54 Russian with the Witt Muzzle Brake. This exercise was then repeated two times just to be absolutely sure.

As it turned out, my initial skepticism was unwarranted. There was indeed noticeably less recoil and muzzle rise using the '54 Russian SKS with the Witt Muzzle Break. If I had to swag it, I'd say that the reduction was in the order of 40-50%. I must now decide whether I want to pony-up the funds for a second one. I'm thinking about it; however, I do wish that it was more reasonably priced here in Canada.

Finally, my grandson who occasionally accompanies me to the range told me that my rifle with the thing on the end of the barrel looked really sick. Apparently, that means awesome, and I most certainly concur.
Date Added: 11/04/2014 by Lloyd Chapman
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