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Clamp On Muzzle Brake


I am very impressed with the clamp on brakes. I have ordered 5 of them so far. It really surprised me how quickly the first one came and the quality was incredible. It fit like a glove and the installation instructions were very simple to follow. One of them was a little tight, no doubt due to my attempt to get it tight and I had to follow the instructions to spread it slightly but it slipped on easily and worked flawlessly. I really like the fact that if I ever choose to sell a firearm (not likely while I am on this earth) and the new owner does not like brake loosening the 4 screws allows them to remove it easily! Like most brakes they are loud but they don't seem to be any louder than a BOSS I have on a Browning BAR 270WSM. There is zero muzzle jump and the rifle recoils straight back. I love them and a buddy of mine just ordered 2. I give them A+++ on quality and A+++ on ease of order and A+++ on communication.
Date Added: 11/24/2017 by David Deacon
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