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Clamp On Muzzle Brake


My Ruger American rifle (30-06) barrel was not within Ruger's mfg. tolerances and first brake did not fit properly. I supplied Witt with the measurements for my rifle and the new muzzle brake fit perfectly. Very pleased with re-make. I'm impressed with Witt's guarantee of workmanship. I've showed it to some of my friends at work (NASA engineers like myself) and they are impressed with the quality of his product and will be ordering some of these for their weapons (both threaded and clamp-on). I told them to be careful in making the measurements and to be as accurate as possible. I also told my friends that it would be best to use measurements for the Ruger American rifle to assure an accurate fit because with Ruger, some larger variations in barrel size does exist. The clamp-on brake that I ordered for my Remington 783 (30-06) was a perfect fit with the measurement that I supplied Witt. (Captain, US Army, Vietnam era vet)
Date Added: 08/10/2017 by Dr. Stanley F. Pietrzak, Jr.
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