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.750 Two Piece, Adjustable, Low Profile Gas Block


Announcing a NEW Product

Two Piece, Adjustable, Low Profile Gas Block

  • Material: 416 Stainless Steel
  • Construction: Two Piece Clamp Style
  • Barrel OD: .750
  • Adjustment: (Front) Receiver Side Adjustment Locking Screw
  • Low Profile: Fits inside hand guards with 1.35+ dia.

Finish Options: Stainless or Black Oxide

Now Available: A Stainless Steel, TWO Piece, Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block. In typical Witt Machine fashion – there are a few things about this new product that stand out.

Driven by necessity because what was needed could not be found in the marketplace. Witt Machine makes a true Integrally Suppressed AR Upper in .300BO, 5.56NATO, and .308 Calibers (but that’s a different story – see website for details) and as they installed two piece gas blocks into the system they discovered there was currently NO front adjusting two piece gas blocks on the market. Therefore it became necessary to BUILD one.


  • Great for Rifles with Pinned Muzzle Devices on in States requiring Pinned Muzzle Device.
  • GREAT for SBR Platforms that operate Suppressed and UnSuppressed regularly.
  • Great for Fine Tuning Precision Ammo Loads

Unintended Consequences ….

So sometimes unexpected things happen. Here is what was quickly realized and was an added bonus to a Two Piece, Stainless Steel, Adjustable Gas Block; and it adjusts from the front… obviously this is a perfect design for the integrally suppressed AR systems Witt Machine builds because the suppression system is behind the gas block and does not allow room for adjustment anyway – the hand guard must come off no matter. This Two Piece Front Adjusting Gas Block is now great for all the States who require pinned or welded muzzle devices and for anyone who runs a 14.7” barrel with a pinned muzzle device; that makes this a “Compliant” friendly gas block. Perfect for those who need a new gas block or desire an adjustable gas block for fine tuning precision ammo loads. As a Low Profile Gas Block it also fits very well under any hand guard with 1.35” or greater inside diameter. Lastly, all those Short Barreled Rifles who shoot suppressed and unsuppressed - they now have a great option for making that a smoother transition. So the unintended Consequences are all positive so far.

The Witt Machine & Tool’s Adjustable Two Piece Low Profile Gas Block is made from 416 Stainless Steel and will come in a choice of Polished Stainless Steel or Black Oxide. The gas block is a Front Adjusting gas block using a purpose driven design that currently makes it a One-of-a-Kind product and first to market. It will fit inside ANY hand guard that has a 1.35” inside diameter or greater. Those that need this will instantly see the value of what it offers and know it is an answer.

  • Model: GB-1
  • Shipping Weight: 0.02lbs
  • Manufactured by: Witt Machine

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Photo of Witt Machine Custom Gas Block GB-1 Photo of Witt Machine Custom Gas Block GB-1
Photo of Witt Machine Custom Gas Block GB-1 Witt Machine Firearm Accessories - Made in America
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